Pitfalls to Avoid When Renting a Limousine

There is no worse nightmare than booking a car for an important event and the vehicle never shows up. It’s happened before and will happen again if you don’t protect yourself. The are other pitfalls of renting a limo

  • The car you booked is not the car that shows up
  • The chauffeur not professional and unlicensed
  • The company pulled a bait and switch

How can you avoid them all? Well, we can help you with some tips, but it’s really up to you to do your research and if possible, don’t wait until the last minute to book that ride.

Protect yourself from your limo not showing up.
Can you reach the limo company and speak to a live person or are you always talking to a machine or worse yet getting the never-ending ring? If that’s your experience trying to book the ride, how do you know your car will show up on the date and time you reserved it for? When working with a limo company, make sure the customer service reps available to take your call, they can answer all your questions and they are patient and eager to help you.

Stuck in the 1980s’
Imagine you’re fortune 500 client is standing in front of the 5 star hotel you booked for them ready taken to that all important meeting where you will win them over and get their business. Perfect right? Except the car you booked is not the car that was sent. The old bait and switch! In fact, it’s not even close!

You booked a new, Lincoln MKT and what shows up is a 1980 white stretch limousine that has seen a few too many weddings in its day. It’s covered in rust and hasn’t been serviced in years. You know this because of the gas fumes wafting through the passenger area. You’re in shock and quite frankly not sure if it will make it from point A to point B without breaking down. Unless you like the vintage look from the 1980s you deserve to be transported in the car you booked. If the transportation company is a reputable one, the car model should not be more than 3-4 years old.

How can you avoid embarrassment?
Make sure the reservation includes the make, model and year of the car. Ask to see the car. If you can, visit the location and get a private viewing of the vehicle in advance.

Don’t book a driver; book a chauffeur. There is a difference!
Not only is the car from the 80s’ but apparently the chauffer is too (he’s still sporting a mullet). He’s dressed in his favorite leisure suit from Saturday Night Fever too, all 80’s all the way! A reputable limousine chauffeur is dressed properly and professionally. He does not show up looking like an uber driver. There is a difference. 

Take the time to ask for a specific vehicle and ask for it it writing. If you want to ride in a lexus ask for it.


Uber drivers bring their own car to work. They show up when they want, drive the way they want and at times are unsafe drivers functioning without proper insurance. Is that what you want? Chances are you want more, that’s why you came to a professional company in the first place. There aren’t too many uber drivers in a lexus are there? Make sure you ask for your vehicle and let them know that’s what you expect.

How can you be sure you are in good hands?
Ask the Limousine Company about the training their chauffeurs undergo. If their chauffeurs don’t go through a rigid vetting process including a proper training course along with a clean driver’s license, you should most likely look elsewhere for your service. Professional limousine companies have trained, licensed and insured chauffeurs, not drivers.

One size does not fit all, and it shouldn’t
You call and book a STRETCH SUV, the Ford Excursion that you know will seat all your passengers comfortably. Not only that, but you know that leg room isn’t a problem. 
 When your ride arrives it’s a Toyota Avalon. Well, it’s nice that the company is thinking about the environment, but that doesn’t help you and your 6 friends waiting to get to Madison Square Garden for the concert now does it?

Check out their website to see the fleet of vehicles available. If you see stock photos ask if there are actual real photos of the cars, both interior and exterior. Most limo companies have a white stretch. It’s standard the standard in wedding transportation. But, what does the stretch look like? Is it well maintained? We, at Golden Knight Limousine can assure you the white stretch you see here is the one that will show up. No, 1980’s vehicles are in our fleet.

It’s always good to ask if you can stop by and get a private viewing of the vehicle you want to rent. If the limo company hesitates at your request chances are, they don’t have that vehicle. But, if you can visit it solves quite a few issues that may pop up.

  • You see the actual vehicle and know what shape its in
  • You see the trunk space and can gauge whether you and all your luggage will fit comfortably for your ride
  • You can compare that vehicle to the others in their fleet to make sure you get the car you want.

At Golden Knight Limousine we are here to make sure you are always happy. After all, a happy client is a returning client and over 80% of our business is returning clients.

Remember, if you’re in Westchester, Putnam or the surrounding area and are searching for a reputable company to take care of your transportation needs, contact Golden Knight Limousine. We’re an established local business and we know the area well. We not only work here, we live here! Call on GKL for safe, luxury ground transportation any time.

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