The Hudson Valley has more to offer than fall foliage, #2 is a favorite!

Fall Foilage NY

There’s more to do in NY than just watch the Fall Foliage! #2 is a favorite

Everyone knows about the Hudson Valley for its rolling hills, greenery and of course during this time of year, the leaves changing.

But, did you know there are other things to do here other than watch leaves turn? Well, there is, and what better way to experience everything Westchester County and the Hudson Valley have to offer than in a luxury vehicle from the leading Transportation provider in the area, Golden Knight Limousine. We love living and working in upstate NY and know the greatest weekend adventures for you to explore, relax, sip wine, hike the hills and of course, see the leaves changing color too.

Check out the list below for some great ideas for a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan or Long Island and enjoy a Hudson Valley getaway.

1 – Get Spooky in Sleep Hollow

If you’re looking for something different for a corporate getaway or group event the staff at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery will help you plan something that’s not only historical, but educational as well.

Whether you’re a history buff, someone that is interested in cemetery symbolism or just enjoy pretty scenery, the Legend of Sleepy Hollow will not disappoint. The Sleepy Hollow Cemetery offers tours of the grounds giving you an inside look at the lives of such New Yorkers as the Rockefellers, the Helmsleys and the legendary author Washington Irving. What better place is there to learn about The Legend of Sleepy Hollow?

Guided tours run through November every Saturday and Sunday. You can try the Classic Evening Lantern Tour, walking through the historical cemetery by the light of kerosene lanterns. Then there’s the Murder and Mayhem Evening Lantern Tours where you will meet fallen angels and helpless victims while on this walking tour. It’s great fun for adults however the subject matter is not suitable for children.

For children there is the Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze where over 7,000 hand-carved illuminated pumpkins are set against a mysterious backdrop.

If you like to be scared out of your mind you can always take advantage of the Horseman’s Hollow Tour. This scary tour (that sells out in advance for most nights) turns the Philipsbury Manor into a terrifying landscape. As the website says it’s not faint of heart, or anyone afraid of small places, claustrophobic or suffering from respiratory conditions (yes, that’s what the caution on the website says). So, beware and be ready if you dare!

2 – Sip Wine at the wineries

The Hudson Valley is America’s oldest wine making and grape-growing region. Wine enthusiasts can tell you that once you experience the sights and smells of a winery while sitting at a table that overlooks the fall foliage, sipping a glass of extraordinary flavor from the very property that you are touring, you will mark your calendar for a return visit every year.

3 – Hike The Appalachian Trail

Need to work off all the wine sipping? Why not try hiking the Appalachian Trail. It’s over 2000 miles long and remains one of the most popular parts of the Hudson Valley. It’s just an hour away form New York City too! Elevations range from 124’ to 1433’ offering something for everyone along the way, from breathtaking views to educational stops. Bring the kids and let them run the path to Bear Mountain Bridge, visit the Trailside Museum and the zoo. But, don’t worry we don’t expect you to walk the entire trail. Wherever you end up, Golden Knight Limousine will be there to drive you home.

4 – Overlook Mountain

Looking for an outdoor hike that will challenge you and your friends? Fall is the perfect time to hike Overlook Mountain. The distance is 5 miles, up and back. The trail leads to an abandoned hotel called Overlook Mountain House. Both the inside and outside of this hotel is open for exploration. Once you’ve hit the top there is more to do than just start back down. There is the fire tower, which isn’t the only attraction. You have the incredible views and the cliffs too. Since parking is a commodity here it’s best to have transportation set up so that you don’t get stuck with a parking fine ($150) or no place to leave your car. Call Golden Knight Limo and we will get you there safely leaving you with noting to do other than enjoy the day.

5 – Walkway Over the Hudson

Haven’t had enough walking? Upstate boasts the longest elevated pedestrian bridge in the world! Crossing the Walkway is just the beginning. At either ends there are miles of trails, parks and historic districts to explore. The walkway is open to cyclists, walkers, and hikers. In addition to the several scheduled events throughout November including an evening walk, Flag Changing Ceremony and Santa on the Walkway, there are the designated Discover Zones marked for your delight to be explored on foot or bike. Each zone is perfect for a short visit and covers a variety of options.

The November Moonwalk is wonderful, allowing you to see the beauty of the Hudson Valley at night. The Mid-Hudson Astronomical Association (weather permitting) will bring telescopes and you are welcome to bring your children, pets are welcome too as long as they have a light up collar or glow stick.

So much to do, come back more than once!

These are just a few of the many things this beautiful state has to offer for Fall adventures. There’s so much to experience here in the Hudson Valley and Westchester County other than watching leaves change and going skiing it’s no wonder people plan several weekend getaways and still don’t see it all.

Whatever you choose to do this Fall, remember, safety first! If you are hiking please war appropriate clothing and if you don’t have a pair of hiking boots invest in a pair! Your feet and legs will thank you (not to mention all your bones that will remain unbroken from a slip). If you’re taking a tour at Sleepy Hollow with the family or a group it would be wise to make sure the tour is appropriate for all involved. You wouldn’t want your boss passing out from fear on the evening lantern tour would you?

And finally, if you’re taking a winery tour, or simply sipping on some wine with dinner after an awesome day exploring the Hudson Valley please don’t drink and drive. If you’re located in Westchester, Putnam or the surrounding area and are searching for a reputable company to take care of your transportation needs, contact Golden Knight Limousine. We’re an established local business and we know the area well. We not only work here, we live here! Call on GKL for safe, luxury ground transportation any time.

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