Promposals and Limousines go together like PB&J!

prom_limousinesIf you feel like the term “promposal” is something you’ve never heard of before. You’re not alone. Parents of today don’t remember seeing such elaborate ways to get a date to prom. But, with the popularity of social media amongst teens, it seems as if everyone is looking for creative, “over-the-top” ways to pop the question “Will you go to prom with me?” But it’s not a new term by any means.

The first Promposal was In 2001
According to an article in the Washington Post, the first promposal came about when a newspaper called The Dallas Morning News covered a story in 2001. They considered it a chamming new phenomenon among teens. Seems some teens were asking their crushes, and friends to prom over the loudspeaker by rewriting the words to an Adam Sandler song.

Fast-forward to 2011 and Promposals have gone viral!
Twitter was founded in March 2006, Facebook opened its doors to high-schoolers in the fall of that same year and tumblr was founded in early 2007. In just 4 short years, there were 20,000 prom videos uploaded in just one month! Teens today have come a long way from the loudspeaker. Now, they write their own song and put it up on YouTube. Currently there are more than 118,000 videos tagged as “promposal” on YouTube.

As teens look for ways bigger and better ways to pop the question the promposal has gone viral. Some teens even find ways to asks their favorite celebrity to prom. The common thread among the popularity of promposals is, teens love the spotlight and social media is perfect for “selfie” promotion.

So, what do you do if you’re not creative, but your teen is looking for a way to surprise someone with a special promposal? We’ve hunted down some great ideas for you (a few even include promposals from girls).

There are over 1.4K pins with 724 followers for promposals on pinterest. Surely you can find something creative here.

A college student started a twitter account @ThePromposal and keeps you up to date on the latest and greatest including a political tweet or two. There are 362 tweets, 22.7K followers and 2,690 likes! Now that’s a popular page.

The.promposals has 545 posts, 196K followers and is a great way to share your promposal.

If all else fails in the quest for the perfect promposal, the last in our round up is Mashable. It features an article that has 14.0K shares on social media entitled “21 Clever Promposals You’d Never Turn Down.“ With that many shares, they must be on to something.

After Your Date Says “YES!”
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