Prom Night Safety is Every Parent’s Concern.

book a stretch or party bus for promProm Night, it’s a right of passage for all high school seniors. It’s easy for your teen to get swept away with all the planning. Worrying about the perfect prom dress, the right color tux, who is going to sit at their table, and of course, the “After Prom Parties”. As their parents we remember prom night and worry about one thing, their safety.

For most parents prom night is associated with peer pressure to drink, do drugs and maybe even drive dangerously. Talking to your teen is key and could play a crucial role in their safety. How do you go about it without lecturing or scaring them?

1 – Initiate a Conversation: Don’t put a damper on their excitement, but rather engage with them in the plans. Don’t save your “Prom Talk” for the day of prom you will probably not be heard because there’s just too much excitement that day. Speak to them in advance at a time when they are more apt to listen to you. Discuss the dangers of drinking and drug use and let them know your primary concern is their safety. Treat them as an adult, because they are young adults and deserve honesty and respect. Emphasis your love and trust and let them know that while they may be faced with peer pressure to engage in excessive drinking, do drugs and perhaps drive dangerously that you know they will make the decision that is right for them.

2 – Have a Safety Plan: Set a clear plan on what to do if your teen feels threatened and pressured by friends. Some parents choose to have a safety word or phrase with their teen. What exactly is that? It’s either a word or phrase through text or a call that translates to, “Hey, I’m uncomfortable here and want to leave, please come get me.” Having this word or phrase saves face in front of their friends since they don’t have to actually say, “my friend has been drinking and I don’t want to get in their car”. Letting them know they can call you at any time, no matter what could be the difference between a poor decision and the choice to come home. In addition, you should stress to your teen that they will not be in trouble, even if they are not quite sober when you pick them up. Save that talk for the next day. They need to know they can trust you and feel safe reaching out to you. Yelling at them, or arguing with them will only make them choose their friends over you in the future.

3 – Watch your Tone: This is a big one. Your teen will respond to you much better if you treat them like an adult, don’t talk down to them. Give them credit for being intelligent. Let them know you have faith in their judgment and you care about their safety. You should set firm guidelines in a caring way so that your expectations are very clear. However, don’t lecture them or scare them with stories of prom night tragedies. Talk about ways they can become a leader for others to look up too. Explore ways they can say “NO” to all the pressure and still have fun. Once their friends realize they are not going to participate in bad behavior they will leave them alone. This can work in a positive way too. If your teen has a blast, is the life of the party, and stays sober it shows others that no one needs to get “wasted” to have a great time. Plus, your teen will wake up with no regrets.

While prom brings inevitable questions to the forefront for parents, such as who is supervising the dance? Just what should you expect of your teen? Will there be drinking and drug use? Will they be safe driving to and from Prom? Talking to them and setting clear guidelines will make the night less stressful for everyone.

If your teen is going to reserve a prom bus or stretch limousine, you can ensure their safety by booking a reputable, local, professional company to transport them. If your teen chooses to use a limousine company, speak directly to the chauffeur and set the expectations before the night begins. A reputable company will not allow drug or alcohol use in any of their vehicles and the chauffeur will not allow teens to bring bags, large purses or beverages of any kind into the vehicle. They may even require each passenger and at least one parent to sign a form stating that no alcoholic beverages or drugs will be tolerated. If they don’t we recommend that the parents get together and create something for have each teen to sign. Finally, the chauffeur should be instructed not make any stops along the way. While you can’t be there for the dance or the after party, hopefully by following these simple guidelines, your advice will be on the mind of your teen helping them to make the right choices.

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