Tips for smooth traveling during President’s Week

president's week travel

traveling through airports with children can be easy when you use Golden Knight Limousine II

Winter has hit the tri-state area in full force with several inches of snow blanketing Long Island, Westchester, Connecticut and parts of New Jersey. It’s right about now that everyone starts to wish they could just get away from it all. Whether you like to snowboard and ski your way through all this fresh powder, or sip a drink on a warm beach, a little break is just about to begin for a lot of people across the country, including Northeasterners!

President’s Day actually kicks off Presidents Week, a patriotic period in which we salute George Washington along with a few other forefathers by observing their birthdays. Although they’ve been gone for some time, we continue to honor these important men who played major roles in our country’s history and are a big part of the reason that we’re even FREE to take vacations in the first place!

Spring Break usually begins in March for college students, which is traditionally the crowd with which it’s most popular. But, starting with President’s Day on Monday February 15th and continuing thru the month of March, it’s prime vacation time for families with younger children, making this a busy travel week. Since most kids have a brief break from school and many parents get at least a short amount of time-off from work, there are numerous families wanting to get away from the winter weather in New York at the exact same time.

As we all know, vacations are relaxing once you get to where you’re going, the hard part can be getting there. Whether your final destination involves visiting a warmer climate or hitting the slopes at one of the great ski resorts in NY you’ll be hopping a plane or driving for hours on snow covered roads if you live in the Northeast.

Considering this, here are a few simple and sensible travel tips:

Prepare in Advance

Packing can be kind of a pain. That’s why, in order to avoid stress and additional aggravation just before leaving, it’s smart to start packing as early as possible. You’ll be more relaxed if you begin sorting out your suitcase items. If you’re traveling with small children, early preparation can also include checking in online and getting your seat assignment, that way you’re ready to go.

Put Essentials in Your Carry-On

Besides your snacks, smartphone, and laptop, you may want to consider adding a few other essentials to your carry-on bag. Recent statistics reveal that an average of one bag for every flight is lost or delayed, scary, right? So, although the chances may be slim, if there’s anything you simply cannot live without such as medicine, be sure to pack it in your carry-on.

Tablets are another prime candidate for carry-on, as that way they’ll always be within your reach when the kids get bored and you won’t have to worry about them. It goes without saying, but your credit cards, cash, and credentials/identification should be kept close together and somewhere secure like an inside pocket of a purse or clothing.

KNOW Where You’re Going

Of course you know where you’re going to land, but do you know the other details about the trip and the destination? If it’s a new place for you, you might want to learn a little bit about it prior to leaving, especially if it’s an international location. Conducting some quick online research will likely tell you what you need to know.

Also, you’ll probably want to have your ride prearranged – make sure you have a vehicle waiting so you can hop off the plane, into a car, and over to your hotel, or wherever you may be staying.

Stay Updated with the Airport

Checking with the airport and your airline is always a great idea so you can get an update on the latest information. This includes any flight delays there might be due to bad weather and/or other important travel news you need to know. You can download an app to your smartphone, or just use the FAA site to get the latest info on air travel including rules and regulations. Additionally, below is a handy list of links to the main websites for all 3 major airports in the vicinity for your convenience.

 Hire a Professional Transportation Service

Remember, since a vacation is supposed to be a relaxing experience, you need to start out on the right foot and in the right fashion. Yet, whether it’s the harsh weather you have to deal with, crazy kids, terrible traffic, or all of the above, it can be rather hectic, which makes it hard to pull it off and actually make your flight without a little extra help.

That’s when Golden Knight Limousine II can help. Hiring a professional chauffeur is the best way to make your get-away. When you call a trusted, licensed and insured transportation company that has a reputation for first-class service, you can be sure that everything will go smoothly and safely. The reliable team at Golden Knight Limousine II will setup transportation for you so that when you land at your destination you can hop off the plane, into a car, and over to your hotel, or wherever you may be staying and avoid the dreaded shuttle service. We can also book your return pick-up at JFK, LaGuardia or Newark for your trip back home. One call to Golden Knight Limousine II takes care of all your transportation needs, and rest assured someone will be there.

Book a vehicle for your next ski tripIf you’re in Westchester or the surrounding area and it’s skiing you’re after, we have great rates to Hunter, Windham, Belleayre, White Face, Butternut, Berkshire and Jiminy Peak. Give Golden Knight Limousine II a call and speak to one of our experienced reservationists and book your transportation.

Our professional drivers have years of experience in dealing with traffic to and from the airports and local ski resorts. They’re more than ready for peak travel times like these. In fact, all of our vehicles are equipped with snow tires for extra traction on winter roads when required. And, we keep a close eye on flights, so not only will you arrive safely, but also on-time.

We’re pleased to offer an assortment of comfortable, late model, immaculate vehicles, from executive sedans and roomy SUVs, to super stretch limousines and even luxury buses. Plus, we’re driven to deliver exceptional service. So, wherever you’re going and whatever kind of vehicle is required, we can definitely accommodate you and whoever else is coming along for the ride!